Coffee production in Jamaica began in 1728, when governor Sir Nicholas Lawes received as a gift a coffee plant from Martinique’s governor and introduced the crop in the province of St. Andrews, in the heart of Blue Mountains, which is still today one of the major coffee cultivation area.


One of the peculiarities of Jamaican coffee is that it is exported almost exclusively in barrels. Japan is the main buyer and absorbs most of the production. A very strict marketing policy defines export quotas to other countries, driving prices up extraordinarily.

Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is characterised by big bluish green beans, not smaller in size than sieve 18. This variety is almost perfect, beautiful, giving a full-bodied coffee, with a medium-high level of acidity and a sweetish tendency. It’s a complex blend, really expensive, recommended for retail sale, small roasting companies or prestigious coffee shops, frequented by a demanding clientele that spares no expense.

We suggest you to taste this special coffee at least once in life, in order to tell everyone that you have drunk a completely extraordinary coffee.

BAGS from 60 kg
BLOOMING Main: from July to September
Secondary: from December to January
HARVESTING Main: from October to November
Secondary: from February to March
EXPORTATION From January to December
PRODUCTION 38.000 bags