Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s coffee is mainly composed by the Arabica quality and it’s grown at 1.400-1.700 meters altitude in a volcanic soil, rich in nitrogen and phosphates. The best varieties are the Tarrazu and the Tournon coffee, which are characterized by a peculiar acidity and therefore they’re ideal for coffee infusions, as filter coffee. Anyway, these varieties can be also used for an artfully prepared espresso.

The cultivation of this coffee triggers many environmental problems. It is prepared using the wet process (in Costa Rica this method is called «beneficios») and these beneficios seem to be harmful to the environment, since many rivers are deeply polluted by the process residues of coffee cherries, by their pulp and peel. This method doesn’t involve chemicals, but despite this the organic waste deprives the rivers of oxygen, causing a large fish kill.

In Costa Rica the organic fair trade has developed more quickly than ever.

BAGS from 69 kg
BLOOMING from April to June
HARVESTING from July to February
EXPORTATION from October to May
BOARDING PORTS Puerto Limon, Puerto Caldera
PRODUCTION 1,5 milion of bags