Coffee production in Ethiopia is a longstanding consolidated tradition. Ethiopia is where Coffea arabica, the original coffee plant, was born. The plant is now grown in various parts of the world, but it originated here, more precisely in the territory of «Kaffa».

Today Ethiopia accounts for around 3% of the global coffee market. Coffee plays a very important role for the economy of this country; in fact around 60% of foreign income comes from coffee industry, with an estimated 15 million of the population relying on some aspect of coffee production for their livelihood.

BOTANICAL CLASSIFICATION Natural (75%) and washed (25%) Arabica
BAGS From 60 kg in jute or natural fibre bags (tare 0,8 kg)
BLOOMING From March to June
HARVESTING Natural Arabica: from October to April;
Washed Arabica: from August to December
EXPORTATION Since December
PRODUCTION 6,6 million of bags