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Raw coffee and coffee roasting equipment

Coffee types

  • Green coffee from all the origins (F.O.B. or C.I.F.)
  • Complete product line of Bio-certified coffees
  • Direct import of Gourmet Coffee
  • Cup of excellence and ACE

Some examples of our excellence…

Our coffees

Guatemala arabica Huehuetenango

Guatemala arabica Huehuetenango


This coffee is grown in the northern territory of Guatemala on the border with Mexico from small Fazenderos who work in cooperatives. This coffee appears well formed with light red glares. This coffee has good body and it is sweet with light acidity. While tasting it you can feel hints of ripe fruit, nut and almond. Even blended you can clearly perceive the scent of this coffee.







Jamaica Arabica Blue Mountain


The world’s most sought-after coffee par excellence!


This has always been the most precious variety in the world, considering it is referred to as the "Champagne" or "Rolls Royce" of coffees. Cultivated in the area of the Blue Mountains, it follows strictly controlled production guidelines applied throughout the different stages of production: planting, germination, manual harvest and final processing. Unlike other varieties, Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee is not preserved in jute bags, but embellished and protected by wooden barrels – a technique traditionally used in rum production to preserve the highest standard of quality.


The beans’ size is 18+ and the color is blue green. This coffee is almost without defects and it is sold in 15kg, 30kg and 90kg barrels, with an exportable production which reaches 15/20.000 barrels per year. Its excellent taste has a good acidity, its body is fairly good and its cream is long lasting and smooth. The sweetness and richness of the aroma let you feel a balanced medley of cacao, almond and distinct flavors of tropical exotic fruit.


It’s not recommended to mix it with other coffees.


Certificate of origin guaranteed.







Santo Domingo

  • Santo Domingo Toral AA

Panama - Honduras - Nicaragua - Costa Rica

  • Panama 5 Estrellas
  • Honduras
  • Nicaragua
  • Costa Rica


  • Indiano Arabica
  • Mysore Nugget EB

Ethiopia - Tanzania - Kenia

  • Ethiopia Moka Harra
  • Ethiopia Sidamo GR2
  • Tanzania
  • Kenia

Burundi - Ruanda

  • Burundi Lavato AR
  • Rwanda Lavato AR


  • Hawaii


  • Peru


  • Colombia


  • Brasile

Ivory Coast

  • Costa d'Avorio


  • Camerun


  • Congo


  • Vietnam


  • Indonesia

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