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Raw coffee and coffee roasting equipment
impianto MACCHINA ROSSA120 kg roasting machine.



Roasting machines of any size and excellent quality, produced by the Italian company IMF. From 2,5 to 360 kg/cycle. Complete inspection according to the CE norms.



IMF produces manufacturing coffee roasters and complete coffee processing plants utilized in Italy and exported in foreign countries with full full satisfaction of its customers . IMF  roastering plants are made using the highest grade materials and latest technology management software to produce a reliable and durable roasters that will last for many years.

IMF has developed a whole range of equipment which may be necessary to the roasting industry of small and large dimensions which provide an excellent quality of roasting, consistency and exaltation of the flavor and the aroma of each cup of coffee. Thanks to 30 years experience in green coffee of Alessandro Garbin, CEO since 2010, has been enhanced the knowledge and attention reserved to the coffee itself. Experience blended with that of the IMF engineers who have accumulated more than 50 years of expertise in projecting, and constructing roasters brings IMF to offer innovative solutions for the handling and the preservation of coffee beans.


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